About Microclimate

Exploring the Intersection of AI and Climate Change for a Sustainable Future.

Microclimate, spearheaded by Francesco Cingolani, leverages extensive expertise in computational design, climate change, and circular economy research projects.

Our mission is to foster meaningful discussions and collaborations that drive progress towards a future where humanity thrives alongside a healthier planet, utilizing the latest in technology and research.

Harness AI for Sustainable Solutions


Guiding Our Mission to Pioneer AI Solutions
for Environmental Resilience.

Economic and Environmental Pathways in Climate Action

We explore the intersection of economic growth and environmental sustainability, uncovering opportunities for investment and innovation in renewable energy, green technology, and sustainable business practices.

AI for Climate Mitigation

We delve into the transformative potential of artificial intelligence in addressing climate challenges, from smart urban planning to carbon capture technologies, revolutionizing the way we approach sustainability.

Climate Change Adaptation Through AI

We discover how artificial intelligence is reshaping our response to climate change, from designing climate-resilient communities to preserving cultural heritage and revolutionizing agriculture, fostering resilience in the face of environmental threats.

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